A range of flatback pearls in sizes 3 - 12mm in various mixtures of colours, perfect for so many craft projects for both the  casual crafter to the professional.   They have a flatback and require glue to stick them to your desired surface and are available in the following quantities * :


3mm - 1,000

4mm - 1,000

6mm - 500

8mm - 100

10mm - 75

12mm - 50

4-8mm - 30g


We also have a wide range of individual colours and mixes of pearls can also be made up to suit your requirements for both size and colour.   


All pearls come in a small resealable plastic bag for easy storage.


*please note that all pearls are bagged by weight (to avoid having to count 1,000's of pearls which isn't practacle)  We try to ensure that each bag contains more than the stated quantities which should also allow for some minor defects.

Mixed Colour Flatback pearls - various sizes