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Buttonbox Supplies started life in 2014 after I had been made redundant.  Like so many others, I had young children and wanted to find work that would fit around my family commitments without the long commutes of my previous jobs.

I started sourcing craft supplies for myself and fell in love with some of the shell buttons that I had ordered.  Like so many crafters, I had ordered them because they looked nice rather than having an idea of what I was going to do with them but I enjoyed playing with them.  However, my crafting skills were never going to lead me to earning a living selling my makes but I had started selling some of my extra supplies and this was the beginnings of the Buttonbox Supplies of today.

Over the last few years I have worked to expand the range of supplies available and have also worked hard with suppliers sourcing consistent, quality products and I want to continue to expand our range of quality but affordable products.  Whilst there is a lot of competition from sellers in China, we guarantee quality products and are UK based so can eliminate the uncertainty of integration postage delays.  

Buttonbox Supplies



77b Malpas Drive,

Gt Sankey, Warrington,

Cheshire, WA5 1HN

Tel: 07904 356 840


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